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furious7 68 charger

April 7, 2015 in Automotive

this is 1/25 scale
this car dom toretto drives at the end of furious 7 after his street 70 charger gets totaled after he jumps it out of a parking garage into a helicopter and it falls back to the ground

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9 responses to furious7 68 charger

  1. Well done Mike. Your ’68 Charger looks amazing!!

  2. 68 is my favorite charger…nice job

  3. Hi Mike, I haven’t seen any of these films, but I like this car a lot!

  4. Mike,
    Looks real good. You are a definite furious fan. 68 was the Charger in “Bullitt” I can tell you, it was HOT.

  5. thanks and i am a big furious fan i have aleady seen furious 7 several times now

  6. OK I have one more box on my “cultural enrichment list” checked off now – I went to see Furious 7 last night – the first one of the series I’ve ever seen, and I have to say it is truly “action packed”
    So Mike now I can relate to these cool cars you’re building better and appreciate them, the Chargers are a favorite. I notice ol’ Dom doesn’t seem to have problems with the electric systems like I always had with Chrysler products of that era!

    Keep up the good work, I like seeing someone whose models are on a theme-

  7. thanks i love furious 7 it is the new best in the series in my opinion
    dom does not drive the chargers very long befor they are destroyed

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