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1/72 Italeri Fiat CR.32 Chirri

May 13, 2015 in Aviation

This was a tough build !! Very poor fit, especially with the upper wing and struts. But with some patience and good decals, it didn’t turn out too bad.

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20 responses to 1/72 Italeri Fiat CR.32 Chirri

  1. Phil, she’s been around for about 30 years, and nobody has seen fit to do another one in the one true scale. Be nice to have a 1/48th, from a mainline outfit, as well. Nah, another F-16 or F-35! Or whatever. Rats!

  2. Very trim build, Phil. The dull finish is in keeping with a naturally weathered airframe.

  3. beautiful, especially at that scale! how small is that model after its all assembled? the rigging must have been an exercise in precision and patience – great work!

  4. Nice work Phil, on what seems to be a pig of a kit.
    Nice rigging mate.

  5. It’s an old Supermodel kit from the start, I have it in that boxing somewhere in my stash. And yes, not the most refined of kits but the only game in town. And you’ll end up with quite an unique-looking biplane! Like it a lot!


  6. Nice looking build! I have that old Supermodel kit, so have this to look forward to! How do you get the #80 holes?

    • I just drill them out with a # 80 drill and a pin vice, after precisely measuring and marking the drill points. It’s just like laying out things on a blue print. I use dividers set up to measurements on a Vernier caliper.

  7. You made a very nice model out of that old kit, Congratulation for that.
    Well done.

  8. Brilliant work, Phil, I love the look you’ve created with this old kit, especially in 1/72 scale.

  9. Phil,
    A great job on this. I really like what you have done

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