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Fw190 D-11 Eduard 1/48

May 12, 2015 in Aviation

Aloha again!
Here`s my penultimate plane i did, a Dora-one of my all-time favorite planes. Pretty nice looking kit, if sometimes tedious to build. I kept it simple, only added some wires in the engine compartment and gun bays plus PE harness and antennas.Guns are medical needle. Painted with GunzeSangyo and Alclad, weathered with Mig dark wash followed by postshading

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14 responses to Fw190 D-11 Eduard 1/48

  1. That’s one very sexy Focke. Very nice.

  2. Very nice next-to-last build…..and a fine example as well. Great pics.

  3. Excellent work Matija, am I right in assuming this is the “Weekend” version of the Eduard kit without any of the photo-etch?

  4. Matija, this model is a straight forward build that captures the lines and character of Fw-190 D-11 rather eloquently. Two thumbs up and looking forward to your next build.

  5. Great looking model, Matija.

  6. Thanks for the comments!

  7. Are those markings some Luftwaffe commanders school? Business as usual, right up to the end, huh?

  8. Indeed they are, but that plane had a more famous life after the school, it was one of the Papagei staffel machines,or should i say Würger staffel, as Red 4

  9. Again a great build and i agree, the 190 D is a beautiful aircraft and i am a 190 fan.
    Well done !

  10. Matija, thanks, I had no idea! Papagei staffel! Even better.

  11. Matija,
    Gorgeous job. I can see the love you put into it

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