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Hughes OH-6A ‘Loach’ – AMP 1:48

May 14, 2015 in Aviation

Hi all,

I’m Alex from Rome, Italy. This is my latest project, aeroscout Hughes OH-6A ‘Loach’ 68-17365 called ‘the Enforcer’, Vietnam 1972.
Kit by AMP that needs a lot of interior & exterior improvements, resin parts by CMK, Tailboom, Quickboost and Tarmac. Decals by Fireball Modelworks. PSP base by Eduard then painted with Lifecolor ‘rust and dust’ set
Small diorama inspiration is taken from some pictures on the web.

Cheers, Alex

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13 responses to Hughes OH-6A ‘Loach’ – AMP 1:48

  1. Very nice work Alex, and congratulations on the Bronze , well worthy sir.

  2. Looks like the time, effort and after-market cost(s) was well spent. Great looking build, diorama and photos, sir…..nice work all around! 🙂

  3. Nice helicopter and a nice dio as well. Looking great !
    Congratulations !

  4. excellent vignette, Alex!

  5. It’s always good see a helicopter, especially when it’s as good as this one!

  6. Nice heli there mate. That’s a cool base for it as well.

  7. Very well constructed helicopter and landing spot.

  8. Alessandro,
    This is beautifully done. My compliments

  9. Thanks all, one more ‘silver medal’ came on early Oct. 😉

  10. Alessandro, looks real. Good base, too.
    I always wanted a ride in one of these, never got the chance.
    Hueys were scary enough, giving it some thought.

  11. Very nice model. You can see footage of this Loach at Can Tho Vietnam during 1971-72 in the Youtube video Guardian 6 Pack. I was the Crew Chief for Guardian 6 and often worked with the Outcasts of C 16th Air Cav. The Youtube URL is or do a search for Guardian 6 Pack. Best wishes from Steve Hill

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