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ISU-152 1/35 Zvezda

May 26, 2015 in Armor

I got this kit as a prize on of the competitions i went to, so decided to do it as a experiment in whitewash finish using the hairspray technique. A pretty rudimentary kit, with some sink marks that needed filling, redoing some details on the backplate, adding some welds, cutting up the fenders and lastly replaced the awful vinyl tracks for the leftover tracks of the Tamiya IS-2 kit (on that in a next topic). The fit is not perfect, i`m not satisfied as i didn`t widen the kit wheels enough for track teeth to sit properly. Conserning the hairspray tecnique, i learned some things on this project so it wasn`t a waste.

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4 responses to ISU-152 1/35 Zvezda

  1. Very nice work here, Matija, despite the issues noted. I did this one as a ‘destroyed’ version, I think it might have been a Bronco offering, which was excellent. These Russian armour subjects lend themselves to these sorts of presentations, I think, and the dirtier the better.

    Have you thought about a landscaped vignette?

  2. It’s a mean looking tank, Matija, good job on the finish.

  3. Nice tank, love the worn winter camo.

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