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“Pachydermia” – somewhere in burma 1942 – Supermarine Walrus aka “Shagbat” finished with diorama

May 14, 2015 in Diorama

This is the last part of my Matchbox Walrus MK I. build. The diorama – where an elephant tows a walrus 😀 – finished so the name “Pachydermia” :).

I made a lot effort into this kit but the ugliness and the same time somehow impressive stance of the type was worth the effort as I feel now.

I added some pics about the details of the aeroplane itself. I hope You like it, any C&C welcome. Time for a beer (or two)!

25 additional images. Click to enlarge

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11 responses to “Pachydermia” – somewhere in burma 1942 – Supermarine Walrus aka “Shagbat” finished with diorama

  1. Outstanding job…. love this diorama!

  2. Fabulous, Gabor, I can’t believe what you’ve managed to do with this old kit.

  3. Gabor, not only the incredible detail internally, but now this great diorama!
    Where did you get the idea? Well done!

  4. Gabor, This is just as cool as it gets. I remember seeing the photo years ago.
    You have really brought this to life. Very, Very nice diorama.
    California Steve

  5. You’ve wrung out every last bit of detail possible from this old kit, and then added the bells and whistles. Great looking scene.

  6. Thank You for the kind comments!

  7. Lovely work Gabor, the diorama with the elephant brings new dimensions.

  8. Gabor,
    A very clever and interesting diorama. Excellent workmanship.

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