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SAAF Kittyhawk – Academy 1/48 scale

May 23, 2015 in Aviation

This model depicts a 5 Sqd SAAF aircraft in the Western Desert. They were used mainly in a ground attack role and were quite successful in disrupting the Axis supply lines in the Battle of El Alamein.

This was an easy build of 3 days in total. Had no fit problems at all. The difficult part was assembling the decals.

Hope you enjoy.

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11 responses to SAAF Kittyhawk – Academy 1/48 scale

  1. Wel gedaan!!! Great looking Kittyhawk. Did you use aftermarket decals? Kittyhawks always looks great in sharkmouth markings! Well done!!

  2. Tappie, great job on the old, but IMO unequaled kit. It’s like the Stringbag, it outlasts the competition. Take that, Trumpeter!
    It’s good to see SAAF subjects getting some recognition, I don’t see much here in the colonies.
    Morne told me about MAV decals, but I haven’t succumbed yet. Sabrejet in Korea!
    Whose paint (s)did you use?

    • Thank you Bernard. I use a combination of paints, mainly Tamiya acrylics and Humbrol enamels, I spray my acrylics as well as enamels with laquer thinners so I get an even finish even when mixing paints,

  3. My Chom, nice work, as usual.

  4. Tappie,
    I love it. Keep em coming

  5. Be interesting to see your display area/cases sometime. Looks like they may be full of surprises. 🙂

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