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Shizuoka 2015 #6

May 19, 2015 in Show Reports

The (67) diorama was one of my most favorite of the show. Two more postings tomorrow and that will be all. Thank you for the comments and support. Glad you like.

15 additional images. Click to enlarge

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6 responses to Shizuoka 2015 #6

  1. Some nice models here, I especially like the coffee stop.

  2. Some serious modeling goin’ on there….. – 🙂

  3. Some very high quality modeling here and an interesting choice of subjects.
    One just has got to love the WIndy Beach Coffee Stand at #6 🙂 Adorable

  4. For me, this is the best set of images so far. The quality of modelling and presentation are shown to great effect.

  5. There’s lots to like here, especially the Coffee Stop!

  6. Yep – Coffee Shop caught my eye also!

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