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Spitfire MK Vb Tamiya 1/48 scale.

May 1, 2015 in Aviation

I built this model years ago, and was always disappointed in the results. Finally, a few months ago I’d had enough and pulled it off the shelf and started a restoration.
I corrected a few visible seam lines and a couple other flaws in my finish. Added a panel wash and as a result, now I’m happy and can sleep better at night.
This aircraft depicts one flown by Sir Eric Hug Thomas, commander 133 sqn.

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10 responses to Spitfire MK Vb Tamiya 1/48 scale.

  1. Really nice restoration, Terry

  2. It looks good Terry! I have definitely seen the evolution of my modeling skills over the years, and some of my early builds are a bit hard to look at now, but I had never considered trying to “polish them up” a bit. It might be a bit harder for me to attempt, as they are all glued to stands, but I might experiment with one or two after seeing what you’ve done. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Thanks Greg. I’ve always said, the best modelers have to be good repairmen. Over the years I’ve picked up some pretty neat tricks, that have salvaged a lot of projects. I still get surprised sometimes, thinking, wow, how’d I get away with that!.

  3. Good for you, Terry……super-restored-Spit.

  4. Sleep well, my friend…..a job well done.

  5. I’m all for seeing restored Spitfires Terry; regardless of the scale! It makes you feel good when you can give an old friend a new lease of life. Well done – she looks good!

  6. Looks like a fine restoration sir.
    Well done .

  7. Nice Spitfire, Terry. Some upgrades at some time are always good, do this quite often

  8. Terry,
    I don’t know what it looked like prior but it looks great now. Your work is very impressive

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