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Zvezda 1/72 IS-2, Berlin, 1945

May 21, 2015 in Armor

Hello everyone! Presents its next model, fresh one – heavy tank IS-2, one of the “Berlin trio” (T-34, IS-2, ISU-152). Gorgeous model from the company Zvezda, work with it – a pleasure. Half a day was spent on assembly and day – for the painting, the result is in front of you. Enjoy all the view!

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7 responses to Zvezda 1/72 IS-2, Berlin, 1945

  1. Weathering and detail are spot on, sir….nice little piece of work.

  2. Wow really well done, you got the armor texturing just right in 1/72. Nice grunge look too. I am a Berlin buster fan too see above.

  3. Great job for such small scale!

  4. Good job Maxim, and on the 1/72 scale wonderful
    You have got it just right.

  5. A good way to commemorate the 70th anniversary!

  6. Stunning! A day and a half is a fast build mind, I’ve been on for a couple of months assembling the Meng kit I’m on with!

  7. Thank you, colleagues , very nice and inspires ))

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