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1/32 Revell Mirage, 3 SQN RAAF.

June 2, 2015 in Aviation

This is the Revell Mirage III kit, heavily modified to bring it up to modern standard and correct where necessary to make it Mid 70’s RAAF Spec. Only 11 parts from the kit were used.

When I was a First Officer flying the Q400 for Qantaslink, I used to fly with Captain Noel Furber. I discovered that he was an ex RAAF Mirage pilot, having also flown the Canberra and the F-111, with a period in the UK flying Hunters as well. He inspired me to make this model. I am sure he used to dread having to fly with me as I used to hammer him with many questions about Mirages, usually about small details. He was kind enough to supply me with the following details of his Career flying the Mirage for the RAAF.

He first flew the Mirage on the 26th JAN 1972, with his last Mirage flight on the 15 JUL 1981, finishing with 1665 hours total Mirage time. His first flight in Mirage A3-86 was 29 August 1972 with 28 flights in this particular aircraft.


Spine crimped in to change its profile
Canopy bottom rails angled
In front of windshield re-shaped
Intakes modified and reshaped
Tailcone reshaped and scratchbuilt parachute housing
Antenna on top of fuselage
AoA vane added
Coolant gauge added RHS FWD fuselage
Reshaped kit nose cone
Totally rescribed
Canopy breaking knife added
Rear view mirrors added
Modified elevon covers

Scratchbuilt detail:

Aero 3B sidewinder rails
AIM 9B sidewiders
Matra R.530
Matra centre Pylon
Landing lights
Cannon troughs with blast deflectors
Air data probe
Hydraulic locking handles and covers
front wheel well

Modified aftermarket parts:

Reshaped Geefactor legs (brake lines and other parts)
Isracast Jetpipe and rear turbine face/flame holder
Isracast front gear flipper door
Heavily modified Fisher cockpit (both in shape and >180 parts added)
Heavily modified Isracast Main gear bays (approx. 140 parts added)
Modified Isracast exhaust nozzle 50 parts added
Slightly modified Fisher Martin Baker MK4 seat

Non modified parts

Master pitot tube.


Composite of kit, Novoscale and others as well as ALPS printed.

13 additional images. Click to enlarge

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14 responses to 1/32 Revell Mirage, 3 SQN RAAF.

  1. A real labour of love, Etic. Beautiful.

  2. Hooray. Well done. A winner.

  3. A stellar build, Eric….very well done!

  4. Excellent work, awesome.

  5. Incredible attention to detail, Eric, your persistence has really paid off.

  6. Smashing job, great build !

  7. Eric, lots of work has paid off here, you’ve came up with a real gem. Nicely done.

  8. I wish I could do as well Eric. Very cool.
    California Steve

  9. Greetings :
    Nice work and research Eric, very nice. The camouflage is outstanding.

  10. Awesome build Eric! Love the cockpit detail!

  11. Fabulous work Eric. Your real modelling talent shows through. Amply justifies all the time, effort & skill you have put in.

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