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1/72 Italeri Macchi C.205V Veltro ,REAF

June 24, 2015 in Aviation

Kit was built from the box except for a extra decals for:

Macchi C 205 V , Royal Egyptian Air Force,Winter 1948 .
Arab ;Izraeli war .


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12 responses to 1/72 Italeri Macchi C.205V Veltro ,REAF

  1. Nice job (and pics) on such a small build, P.k. –

  2. I can’t recall seeing these markings before. The sand colour really sets them off.

  3. Greetings :
    Nice work on such a size.

  4. Very neat work, well done, P.k.

  5. Good work P.K., its good to see a different scheme,

  6. P.K., where did you find the decals? Don’t see many Egyptian aircraft modeled, this is a simple but eye catching scheme. And the 205 is such a beauty! Good choice, well done.

  7. Decals are from the Czech HQD
    somewhere in 2002.
    Italeri C.205V is pure pain and the a*s bad alignment of parts a lot of putty.

  8. Painting represents the phase of the bottom dark blue Mediterranean
    at the top of Italian Nicola Chiara 4 brovn .
    Some sources say that later painted in RAF desert colors ??
    But I think that they add green camo.


  9. P.K., I was thinking nociola chiara (probably hashed the spelling), but the underside med blue (I have a tinlet someplace)is interesting. It makes a nice combination, and even better than whatever else I thought it was.
    HQD is a new one on me, what do you think about Balkan Decals?

  10. I know the founder of Balkan Decals
    He is a personal friend and also help in the research and proposals
    for the Yugoslav air force and Aircobras.
    on quality is the best decals They are printed with proven Czech firm
    in Brno.
    in small batches without reprints.
    But I think to go to the closing activity.


  11. Nice build P.K, great pictures.

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