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June 15, 2015 in Automotive

Another one from the past. The final laps of the race was a very tense and exciting one.
A battle fitting for the coming FATHERS DAY, it was father vs. son, as society will call it …
On this model, the decals had to be replaced. The original ones did not do well in storage ( no biggie, the actual ones are more colorful and lively, no regrets at all ). The red on the original decals I remember were a bit dull, not flat, but dull looking and a somewhat darker.

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5 responses to *** 1988 DAYTONA 500 WINNER – BOBBY ALLISON ***

  1. The decals on this one look brilliant. Anyway, who won, father or son?

  2. Hey, I don’t believe it, I beat Craig to pole position on this one!

  3. Can t say much about racing cars, but they do look great and this is a perfect example.

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