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Brett Bodine – Crisco – Ford Thunderbird

June 10, 2015 in Cars & Motorcycles

Greetings :
This model dates way back. The pictures were taken some twelve or thirteen years ago.
As a result there is no pictures of the engine but some work has been done, now that I am moved in and organizing things here ( home ), I hope to get some pictures.
The decals are SLIXX, they are nice BUT on the negative side, the side numbers were done on a GRAY mode ( I believe back then it was not feasible to get the CHROME finish ).
The numbers in the real car, I remember being CHROME. This was done using CHROME floral tape. Very good stuff and thin. With lots of patience and concentration, the side numbers were done. The wheels due to their CHROME finish, reflect the lug nuts (RED)
in a manner that they appear to be out of form, but they are fine.

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3 responses to Brett Bodine – Crisco – Ford Thunderbird

  1. Always a pleasure to travel down memory lane with your fine examples of days past when racin’ was racin’. Keep ’em comin’, Erick.

  2. I like this build, like the chrome as well, great job, yes its a great Blast from the past, Nice one.

  3. Yeah, keep these American stock cars rollin’! I love every one of them!

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