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HU-16B Albatross

This old (1957) 1/72nd Monogram kit was engineered to have retractable gear, much like the same vintage Avenger and Helldiver offerings by Monogram back in the day. I choose to fix them in place. Didn’t even bother to see how they would’ve gone together in the “up” position. Leading edges and radome sprayed….anti-glare and walkways are weathering powder.
Something I rarely, if ever do (besides 72nd scale), is attempt to replicate an actual aircraft. I wanted to represent something a little different than the “usual” paint scheme and found this (see last pic) – unknown to me was the fact that they used this airplane in Vietnam. The paint scheme appealed to me, so I tried duplicating it best I could.
I added nose weight, but it was insufficient. Once closed, it was difficult to add any more. Therefore, it’s a “hanger”. It’s a pretty rudimentary kit by today’s standards, but it was an addition to the collection that I didn’t previously have.

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30 responses to HU-16B Albatross

  1. A nice one, Craig. This brings back some memories. Build that one in my youth. The weight i have used was plasticine and used batteries from my Walkman!!!! Bad idea 🙁
    Guess your Albatross will survive much longer

    • Thanks for the reply, Bernd…..I may indeed have built this before myself, but along with [practically] everything else, my memory sometimes fails me. I used No. 8 birdshot lead pellets inside a finger of a latex glove, but apparently not enough. Oh well.

  2. Nice build, I love the Albatross!

  3. Nice one Craig an Albatross in SEA colours other than the two green/tan.
    And the kit is older than me…

  4. Interesting write-up, Craig,a good looking aeroplane, and these old kits often bring back fond memories.

  5. Hello Craig…Always nice to see one of the old Monogram classics built up. Interesting choice of paint schemes too…thanks for sharing that.

  6. nice modelling…a little dark in the lighting department for you

  7. Boy I’ve built my share of this model kit! Nice job, a bit different from the “typical” Goat!

  8. I like it Craig! I’ve got one of these, and really didn’t want to do the rescue theme, so you’ve given me a nice alternative! What were the two grays you ended up using?

  9. Craig,
    Looks great, love the scheme. An old kit but a good kit and alas it is not older than me. Keep up the good work and love the e-mails. one coming at you soon.

  10. Craig, the Maryland ANG used these back in the 60s. Some were painted overall black, with red markings. Used for special operations. I remember seeing one orbiting my neighborhood, at low level, with one of the crew looking out the door ( it was two piece, the upper was open).
    There is a preserved one, painted overall gray, on the ANG side of the airport.

  11. Overall black w/red sounds as if it was some sort of “night patrol” version. I think that’s what those colors were used for (low visibility…?)
    Just the opposite of what one would think for a SAR a/c. Interesting. Thanks.

  12. I’m looking for a photo, if I find one I’ll post it. It’s like the “night intruder” USAF scheme of the 40s-50s, (Douglas) B-26, Martin B-57.
    Favorite scheme of mine, since I saw both B-57s and the Albatros in person.

  13. One of my favorites, Craig. I’m working (slowly) on the USCG version, (thanks, to Frank), and have 4-5 more in the stash. I wish someone would produce the “Hemisphere Dancer” decals. Who wouldn’t want to do JB’s plane from Universal Studios?

  14. Hi Craig,
    Excellent job on this oldie from Revell.
    Reliable and sturdy AC.

  15. Don’t know what it is about this seaplane but every time I see one I can’t help but spend time looking at them and this is no exception. Very sweet build and love the paint job.

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