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*** WHITE RAIN – Dale Jarrett ***

June 1, 2015 in Automotive

Greetings to all :
I have not been posting here on a more regular way as I wanted ( photo wise), my room is in a slight halt. I did find a few CD’s with my models.
This is one which my wife’s friend like ( they can relate too the WHITE RAIN name ).
This model was done years ago.
The decals on pillar “B” is seen on a angled fashion, this was so in the real car.

5 additional images. Click to enlarge

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12 responses to *** WHITE RAIN – Dale Jarrett ***

  1. Now that’s some serious decal work!

    • Greetings :
      Hey Rob, thank you for taking some time too view this post.
      The decal work , for me in my personal opinion, is one if not major part of a modeling project. It gives the model personality.
      I love decaling.

  2. Excellent rendition, sir…..I’d love to see your display case. My NASCAR collection is long gone…..too many changes to keep up with.

    • Greetings :
      Thank you for the comment, I know I have a few pictures of what my display WAS , I have them somewhere inside all these boxes.
      I will display what I can once this whole moving process is done.
      By then if I remember to do so, I will post images of what is done for display now in my new home.

  3. I like these NASCAR models very much!

  4. Really nice modeling going on. Your front aluminum air dam really adds a lot.
    The Jarrett family sure brought a lot of fans some great racing. Hey it’s a Southern thing. You have to mention the whole family.
    California Steve

    • Greetings :
      Thank you for your comment Steve.
      I do have more models of DJ as well as NJ, hopefully I will post them. Again, thank you for your comments and your time to view the post.

  5. Nice build mate! Some great engine detail in there! Nice decals as well, It’s often my favourite part of the build applying them!

    • Greetings :
      Thank you for the comments Richard.
      Decals, on my personal opinion, is what gives a model “PERSONALITY”. You can have a few models of the same type. Even paint them the same way, change a bit here and there … but come the decals, they will put them apart.

  6. I avoid modern car models because I can’t do all that wiring and cable running like you did. Super job on the car, especially the engine compartment.

    • Greetings :
      Mike, please do not take the following in a negative way. I say it with all due respect, coming from one modeler to another.
      Don’t avoid … DARE. Don’t say you can’t ( you are already limiting yourself, you are erecting a wall between you and the project ) … say you will, and trust yourself.
      You will be surprised at the things you can do.
      Thank you for your comments and for your time in viewing the pictures.

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