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July 17, 2015 in Uncategorized

Things here are almost done ( my room ) .
Just wanted too share these images, I have pictures of the engine and of the interior, they seem to be in another DVD, I will post them when I can.
These were taken in 2006, I don’t use that back drop any more.

9 additional images. Click to enlarge

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20 responses to *** 1997 DELCO REMY – MORGAN SHEPARD ***

  1. Another sparkling build.

  2. Looks great! The way you get all the decals down perfectly is impressive!

  3. A very nicely finished and photo`ed.
    The decals must of taken an age.

    • Greetings :
      Thanks for the comment Simon.
      The decals I will say were a concern. They are very nice and thin … BUT they are SLIXX, which do mean brittle.
      I was surprised that only one decal came apart ( the side number on the drivers side, but thank GOD it was the blue star portion ). This was remedied by joining the halves together and lot’s of patience. The rest (CONTINGENCIES included were all cut apart one by one using a new #11 X-ACTO blade and patience. The way I see it … What’s the rush ? I do one side per day, LEFT, RIGHT and TOP, then FRONT and REAR in the same day. As every model, I take four days.
      Trust me … it is fun.

  4. Looks great 🙂 Which kit/scale? Aftermarket decals?

    • Greetings :
      The kit is a MONOGRAM GRAND PRIX ( I believe it was the JOHN DEERE sponsored car, I will post that one too. ), it is in 1/24 scale. The decals are aftermarket, they are SLIXX .
      Thanks for looking.

  5. ….And he’s still at it (Morgan Shepard, that is), albeit more often than not, a “start & park” participant with a purse payout probably just enough to buy a few sets of tires. But hey….at 72, at least he’s still good enough to qualify for a handful of races. Your models are always spot on, Erick…makes me wish I’d kept all mine. And I agree with you about that background – it’s too “busy” and draws the viewer’s eye away from the subject at hand. Hope to see ALL of your NASCAR examples in the coming months. Take care.

    • Greetings :
      That is so true, Morgan is still at it and I applaud him, brings to mind Dave Marcis and his wing tipped shoes.
      That is why I don’t use that back drop.
      Thank you for your comment.

  6. Your racers are always a fine example of beautiful modelling. This is another great one !

  7. Love a Pontiac !!

    Not a scheme I remember, did you print your own decals for that one ??


    • Greetings :
      Thanks for the query Ian.
      No, I did not print the decals used on this model. They are AFTERMARKET items, the company that had them produced back then was SLIXX.

  8. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I just love those NASCAR cars, they be a little crude, but, they really look the part, and your model captures the look perfectly.

  9. Wow, on my AMT1964 Ford Galaxy stock car I think it had 10 corporate decals, (AC delco with a cat and Moon equipped were my favorites) I thought that was a lot! Nice job on the car especially the decal placement.

  10. Man, this is a great looking build, once again an absolute stunner.

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