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Airfix Seafire 17 in 1/48 scale

July 14, 2015 in Aviation

When Airfix announced their new Spitfire XII & Seafire 17 kits I bought two of each. The first pair were out of the box & I was very happy with the results. Looking at the remaining pair I tried a match-up of XII & 17 parts to produce a Seafire XV: No problems whatsoever & the result appears on iModeler elsewhere. I was now left with two sets of folded wings & a low back fuselage so I thought of doing another Seafire 17, this time in the later colour scheme. Since the XV used some of the parts needed for this build I had to scratch-build the rudder & pitot, scrounge spare cannon, tailplanes & undercarriage from my spares box, plus use a Quickboost set of exhausts. Underwing radiators are leftovers from some long-forgotten Spitfire as is the carb intake. It was a lot of fun & a welcome break from some of the highly complicated models coming out of late. Thanks Airfix! I hope you like it.

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28 responses to Airfix Seafire 17 in 1/48 scale

  1. Seafires always look great. Those lines are just beautiful. A clean build of an evocative type.

  2. I’m not well up enough on Spits to comment on accuracy, and besides, it sounds like you know your stuff. I do recognize a really well done model when I see one, though. Looks great, Tony!

  3. Using up them Freightdog decals, huh? Shame they didn’t give more “D”(?) roundels, but that’s show business.
    RNVR aircraft?
    Really nice looking aircraft, well done!

  4. I get a chuckle out of a comment I read years ago (in RAF Flying Review) by their reviewer about another folded wing aircraft. Seems to fit this one.
    He said it “looked like the aircraft had had a bad fright”!
    That Seafire wingfold is unmistakeable.

  5. Nicely finished and photographed, Tony…I like it.

  6. Nice looking Spitfire, I like the finished result, you can see you put a lot of effort into it Tony, well done.

  7. Nicely done from what was bits and pieces Tony
    Looks great ,
    Well done mate.

  8. What’s to dislike about a well-done Seafire? Absolutely nuthin’!!

    Very nice.

  9. Very nicely done, love a Seafire.


  10. Really attractive model, Tony, and very good use of the spare parts.

  11. Hello Tony,

    very impressed with your skills.

  12. Thanks for the kind words Dirk.

  13. This is one of their best, and the folded wing option is priceless!
    Marvelous job on her, Tony!

  14. Im Like nice build!


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