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B707 Tanker – RAAF 33 SQN

July 6, 2015 in Aviation

This is an Airfix E-3 kit built as a B707. I used the JT3 engines from the kit and left off the AEW specific parts. Decals and tanker conversion parts are from Hawkeye Models Australia.

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12 responses to B707 Tanker – RAAF 33 SQN

  1. Like mentioned in another thread, I’m moving this post from the Group to the Headlines – where I believe it should belong 🙂 Hope OK. /Martin

  2. No problems Martin, I have not figured out how to place articles in the headlines area.

  3. Glad you moved this, Martin….would’ve hated to miss THIS beauty. Nice job, Ray!

  4. Finely modelled, Ray. Not a subject I’d normally be drawn to, but I recognise quality when I see it. Well done.

  5. Good conversion, Ray, clever use of components to make this model.

  6. Hello Ray,
    Again a winner. Very neatly constructed.

  7. Many thanks for your kind comments gents. Currently have a KC-135, C-17 and a number of C-130s on the bench.

  8. A feast for these tired eyes. I’m now wide awake. Great job on a venerable, classic jet.

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