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1-35 War the end is near ,Syrmian Front 1945

August 11, 2015 in Figures

German soldier at the last major line before the end.
Jugoslavia january 1945.

figure by DRAGON
with some corrections.


3 additional images. Click to enlarge

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2 responses to 1-35 War the end is near ,Syrmian Front 1945

  1. It’s a dynamic stance, certainly. I think I’d be tempted to invest in resin though, as the plastic figures sometimes lack the finesse you can achieve with resin moulds, and the ‘softer’ detail makes it harder to achieve the subtler highlights and lowlights necessary to achieve a finer result. Stalingrad and Evolution (among others) produce some first rate miniatures in this scale.

  2. PK, that is a nice pose. You have to pull a string on the potatomasher to arm it, I hear? Them circular pins on the ol’ smooth grenade were bad enough!
    Looks like the enemy is closing in!
    The bandage is particularly well done.

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