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1/16 Dog Tag: ANZAC Pacific 1943.

August 25, 2015 in Figures

Nothing special except the added base paint Vallejo acrylic
webbing belts from lead foil.

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5 responses to 1/16 Dog Tag: ANZAC Pacific 1943.

  1. P.k, poor guy looks like he’s in the thick of it. That’s a nice figure, and you’ve done it justice. I like the subtle “Sgt, I didn’t shave today” look, too. The enfield looks real.

  2. I agree with Bernie…nice work (and that rifle DOES look good).

  3. Nice work! Even though small, the base gives him just the right amount of context, along with the look in his eyes!

  4. I like the watch P.K.! Is that a Timex? Well done. How do you get the textured look in the material? does it come in the casting?
    Really nice.
    California Steve

  5. I like that, P.k., some nice detail work, and a great expression on his face.

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