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1/350 ACADEMY USS Indianapolis CA-35

August 27, 2015 in Ships

This is my first ship build and my second build generally. I went to make a build straight OUB without any PE sets. Colors I used are maybe litlle to dark, but I used colors suggested on the box. Hoping to improve my skills on next builds. Thank you.

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7 responses to 1/350 ACADEMY USS Indianapolis CA-35

  1. A nice first effort. Just a few suggestions: the US flag is flown from the stern jack staff, not the bow, and this is only done when the ship is in port. Underway the flag is flown from the highest point on the after mast. Also your small boats are painted white, usually they follow the paint scheme of the superstructure, gray, so they wouldn’t “stick out” at night and draw the enemy’s attention. And you have the boats pointing the wrong direction, the boat’s bow should face the ship’s bow. Small things I know, but it all adds up to a more accurate model. Good luck in your next build.

  2. Goran, for an initial build, this is really good. I like it, interesting choice, tragic ship. I always liked cruisers, particularly the Baltimore, named after my natal city. Not like that boxy stuff these days. I’m sure it’s real efficient, it just doesn’t look “right”.

  3. Nicely done – a lot better than my first ship….I like it.

  4. I’m not a ship builder so can’t give you much advice, other than to say ANY build is a GOOD build in my book!

  5. Hey guys, thank you for all the good stuff you said, and all problems you pointed me 🙂 I enjoy building things very much, and it relaxes me and makes me happy 🙂 Will try to improve my skills in next builds.

  6. Nice and clean, Congrats !

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