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1/72 Italeri B 26 K Counter Invader.

August 18, 2015 in Aviation

Finally got this one finished. It’s fitted out with some Hasegawa gun pods, otherwise it’s OOB.
Some fit problems with this build, mostly with the clear parts. The model is lightly weathered.

5 additional images. Click to enlarge

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36 responses to 1/72 Italeri B 26 K Counter Invader.

  1. Nice one Phil.
    Well built and finished,
    Some good pics too.

  2. Yep…..what Simon said. 🙂

  3. Great model, great painting and very good pics. Good job!

  4. I actually saw one of those, (circa 1965) but it was overall dark gray, and had the logo Air America on the tail. Great job on the kit,

  5. Phil, Lots of guns and stuff on the wings, What’s not to like ?. I too saw one of these years ago at the Pima museum in Arizona. Yours looks just as good as the real thing. Good job.

    • Thanks Terry. During their service in the Asian theater, they were often set up with eight of the wing mounted gun pods. I suspect sixteen guns strafing ground targets would have been devastating.

  6. I like this one very much Phil. You did a great job on her. Well done!!!

  7. Nice!
    MpM/Italeri build ..Ho Chi Minh Trail bomber.


  8. I like this one too, Phil, especially the outdoor photographs, yet another nice 1/72 model…….

  9. One of my favorites Phil, and yours looks great man! Beautiful paint work there.

  10. Something different, very nice job!

  11. Great looking Invader! When I was in Jr. High, my dad’s insurance rep. had been an Invader pilot in WWII, and used to talk about how stunning it was when all those guns went off at once! He never got used to it (and never seemed to tire of talking about it)!

  12. Thanks Greg. They were tough old birds, in any theater.

  13. Beautiful Phil. Really nice.
    California Steve

  14. Nice build, always thought it was a great looking plane, it’s service life was outstanding.

  15. A very nice presentation of this fine build ! Congratulations 🙂

  16. Really nice Phil, I’m especially impressed with your freehand airbrushing; no way could I spray camo that tightly without masks.

  17. Well done Phil, looks great with the sunlight glinting of the windows.

  18. One of my favorite aircraft – and so VERY well done!

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