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1/72 “What-if” Šć-1 “liberate91 ” OVS current right-wing fascist in Slovenija

August 27, 2015 in Armor

For relaxation I one night took this fantasy model of Tank mainly the snap tide
after application of basic Surfacer Gunze 1000.
I began plotting different shades with Airbrush of:Green,Brown,paint.
Markings are fictitious representing a Army without a future, the current right-wing fascist wing Parliament in Slovenia EU,which already has a paramilitary unit
and threatened with the seizure of power
Democratic leftist government.


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4 responses to 1/72 “What-if” Šć-1 “liberate91 ” OVS current right-wing fascist in Slovenija

  1. P.K, nice modern ambush scheme. What the heck is that?
    Any political party with tanks I’d be worried about.
    Over here the police have gotten some military equipment, and some of us are nervous.

  2. Fortunately, this is the only tank 1/72, which still do not have and do not know it He,he.
    but they spread the news that they will be donated leopards Germany
    ex friends from WW II.

  3. A unique build indeed….an eye-catcher.

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