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Airfix Vickers Light Tank 1/76

August 28, 2015 in Armor

Hello, chaps. After the Chieftain I fancied doing some kind of quick build, and this little thing caught my attention. And my goodness, it IS little!! Learning about tanks/armour as I go along here, but it’s hard to believe this is 1/72 (or rather 1/76… why do Airfix do that?). More of a dalek than a tank.

Life is busy so the build was interrupted, but was largely completed in two days. Would recommend a smaller project like this just for the heck of it.

The Airfix 1/76 Chi Ha is next on my desk, so I’ll probably get started on that in about 2017.

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8 responses to Airfix Vickers Light Tank 1/76

  1. Oh, I’ve since added a little “rear view mirror” (I think) thing on the front, as per many of the photos I researched. No pics of this here, didn’t think it’d be worth waiting for the next dry day in Scotland to get outside with the camera again.

  2. Steve, I’d almost say this was “cute”, but I’m sure I’d be chased and beaten.
    How ’bout unique? Put this next to something modern in a close scale, and it’d get your attention.
    I think Airfix armor was to fit with their model railway stuff? And their figure sets? Now that my eyes are not as good, I miss them. Farm animals, Arabs, circus animals, curses! For the really ambitious, their Guards colour party(?).

    • Thanks, Bernard. I’m happy enough with “cute” on this one!!

      I didn’t know that about the Airfix scales… makes some sort of sense I reckon. Just odd cos aren’t their figure sets 1/72?

  3. Nice little build…1/76th ? You must have eyes like a hawk. Unfortunately, not ALL of us share that trait. How ’bout steppin’ up a few feet for the next set of pics (love your back yard, but it’s the kit we’re wantin’ to see)….lol

    • The garden (yard) is scratch-built, 1:1 scale, and it’s very clever cos it weathers itself. I just do a bit of dry-brushing now & then. 🙂

      As for my eyes… as long as they’re no worse than the rest of you guys then I’ll get away with it! Zooming right in with a macro lens on smaller models really shows up mistakes in the detail that are beyond what I can handle, even using my magnifying lamp. Dang technology.

  4. Steve, “OO/HO”? I’ll have to dig one out, and report further. I’ve got their RAF Ground Figures around the many piles.

  5. Wow, that could get lost in the grass! Nice work in such a small scale.

  6. Small scale tanks are fun, your great little build is excellent !

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