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Hispano Suiza 8Ab 180hp Roden 32nd scale

August 13, 2015 in Aviation

As a break from my Mossie build I thought I would “knock” this together, but you know me. The soft detail and vague fitting made me want to see what I could do with it so break out the wire and Evergreen. Quite a lot of the detail was replaced including bolt heads which were replaced with Meng ones or were punched out of sheet. I hollowed out the air intake and made a mesh dome to fit it. I made a drive plate for the back of the propeller as there wasn’t one supplied in the kit The stand didn’t make sense as the two side frames were only joined at the bottom so some additional elements were added. The engine is about 30mm square in 32nd scale

14 additional images. Click to enlarge

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7 responses to Hispano Suiza 8Ab 180hp Roden 32nd scale

  1. Way cool!! Impressive work there for sure!

  2. I always like this sort of detailing. It always a little sad to see it painted over. Nice work.

  3. Very nice! Reminds me of why I like to work in 72 scale!

  4. Thank everyone for your kind comments.

  5. This is beautiful, Rob, well done, and thanks for sharing.

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