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Revell 1/32 Hawker car door Typhoon

August 14, 2015 in Aviation

an oldie but goodie from 1972…sanded out the lines and did a half fast re scribe…Techmod decals…this plane was meant to be a fighter but the engine leaked so much oil and exhaust pilots had to muzzle up and go on oxygen as soon as they fired up the engine…as we know she turned into a hell of a ground attack platform…i’m sure these caused many a locomotive or panzer driver to cringe…Patton loved calling on these Brits when he had 20 miles of bad road ahead of him…they were a huge part of his stunning success

[pic17 -- not available]

[pic18 -- not available]

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45 responses to Revell 1/32 Hawker car door Typhoon

  1. Very well done! I love seeing these old kits and how well they turn out with some TLC!

  2. Nice job, Mr. Mack…..does a light come on when ya open the door? 🙂

  3. Well done all around Bob!-She’s a Big Bruiser for sure!

  4. Wow Bob! That’s a beautiful model plane sir. You done good, “clink!!” Here’s to ya my friend!

  5. Great model Bob! These old kits really do clean up well! Looks spectacular. Bob Tuck my boyhood hero and whom I discussed on some previous posts of Tom Cleavers Tom having built Bob Tuck’s Spitfire in the new Airfix 1:48 kit, in Larry Forresters auto-bio of Tuck relates an encounter Tuck had in the experimantal Typhoon days. Tuck was asked to do a test flight on a Typhoon one day. As I recall reading it, they were trying to sort out the problems with tail flutter, so any poor old squadron pilot was tasked to take the beast up, to fly tests. I wonder if the pilots realised that if they went fast enough, and flutter occurred, the tail would in all likelihood be coming off! The engine had already been started and would soon be getting hot idling with insufficient cooling airflow into the large chin radiator. As Tuck walked briskly out with his parachute over his shoulder. An ops cklerk shouted out his office window he was wanted on the phone. In most cases, anyone would have said hold the phone! But the Clerk insisted saying it was a senior officer on the line. Exasperated Tuck easily found a ready volunteer umongst the eager young pilots watching proceedings, to take his place. Tuck had just got off the phone, when the scream of an aircraft in a power dive was heard. Rushing out Tuck saw the Typhoon dive vertically at high speed, into the ground. All that was found of the pilot was half a shoe and a section of watch strap. The other Tiffie problem, CO2 poisoning was suspected. Tuck went back inside white faced and phoned the officer he had been speaking to and said, “Sir I want you to know you can phone me anytime you like!”.

    • i read fly for your life in about 1983…a sheer joy to read…my mom came to visit and i handed it to her…she chuckled for three days…killing his brother- in-law blew my mind

  6. A really sparkling result, Bob. With the emphasis on AMS with big kits these days, it’s refreshing to see a clean, quality build of an older kit. Might be nice to see a closer shot of the adjacent vehicle?

  7. Absolutely outstanding work on a very old kit. I an currently working on the old Revell 1/32 Hurricane. Hope my Hurricane turns out as well as your Typhoon.

    • Apparently (from one viewer’s ‘opinion’ below) you can’t build a “nice” 32nd Revell Hurricane. I’ve seen your work and I’m betting you can disprove that statement. 🙂

      • There is an old proverb that states “Big winds blow from empty caves”, so there goes your proof. That being said, a decent Mk.I Hurricane can be built from the Revell kit if you give it a little TLC. However, The Revell Mk.IIc Hurricane is not a IIC at all and cannot be built into one no matter what one does.

      • Craig you devil…smile…i love those Burma Hurricanes

    • why thank you Seamus… your artistic abilities are incredible…i wouldn’t mind a hurricane in Burma…love those little blue roundels… with the tropical chin intake…maybe rockets…um um aunt Bea

  8. There’s quite a few of these older Revell kits t hat still make up into something very nice (there are some, like the Hurricane and P-51B best left alone – no matter how much TLC, those sow’s ears remain sow’s ears).

    You’ve done a really nice job with this Typhoon.

    • thank you Tom…i agree on the P-51b…i remember guys grafting the Hasegawa nose to the revell airframe…but all models seem to have something wrong…the tail and nose on the tiffee is a little suspicious…but i like the Revell p-47 razorback better than that armadillo from trumpeter which i built once…would love a redux…i catch your drift though the monogram SBD Tbf..and Wildcat are fair yet the Helldiver was just junk…even the 1/32 Tamiya masterpieces are keeping Roy Sutherland and Radu busy with improvements

  9. Really enjoy the finish you put on her. Excellent work.

  10. Great job done Bob, you got her nailed sir
    Nice to see you back mate.

  11. Wonderful job overall, nice subtle camo paint scheme.

  12. great job …I have 4 of these revel 1:32 to build I hope I can get one to turn out as good as yours …. it has been my fav plane since I built one when I was 15 … it had a bubble canopy .. I am sure…. don’t know what brand …now I only ever find the car door type

    • thank you Martin…this one is 1/32…i think the only other 1/32 was the Model Design Construction which is resin and rare…squadron has a vac canopy to make this 1/32 Revell a bubble top and rockets can be purchased at fisher models…sounds like you had the 1/48 monogram/revell which can be bought easily today…Hasegawa also makes an excellent bubble top in 1/48

  13. a good and convincing build and paint im LIKE!!!

  14. I love working with old kits – just a nice challenge, and I can get them cheap on ebay!

    Great job with this one!

  15. amen Greg…you’ve got it…models are great fun regardless of anything…and thank you

  16. Please send this to me so I can have a closer look. I’ll send it back!
    Really Bob I will. OK enough of that.
    Very great modeling Bob. I have taken notes.
    California Steve

  17. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Nice clean and sharp work on that Tiffie. To tell you the truth, that is one model of that make ( REVELL 1/32 ) that I was not expecting too see. I LOVE those old 1/32 scale REVELL kits. True they are not up to what is made today, but that is what we had then. They hold a certain spot of nostalgia for me. I am still looking for the Hawker Hurricane ( Sir Stanford Tuck ) , P-40 War Hawk ( Flying Tiger – H.P. Headman ) , P-51 Mustang ( Shang Gri la – Don Gentile ), F4U Corsair ( Ira Kepford ) and others. I have seen them at E-Bay but to my bad luck … they don’t accept Money Orders .
    Beautiful work.

  18. Looks like you had fun building this Typhoon, Bob, and what a great looking aircraft it is. You achieved a very clean and neat finish which sets off the lines of the original beautifully.

  19. i can feel the air rushing into that intake…imagine the sound of that beast firing up…pounding a train from end to end or clearing the opposition on a highway…that fierce Hawker look of that time

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