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Second Empire Officer of Engineers

August 22, 2015 in Figures

This Is my recently completed 65mm French Officer of Engineers during the Second Empire. He sat in the “kits to finish” pile for so long, I’ve forgotten the manufacturer. I used oils for all my painting. For the silver braid I used the old SNJ polishing powder mixed with Liquin and shaded with green and gray oils.

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14 responses to Second Empire Officer of Engineers

  1. If I send you all my unpainted pilot/crew figures, will you paint ’em for me…? 🙁 lol

  2. The entiee figure looks great, but I just need to say I love the texture and shading on the pants. Very life-like

  3. Very nice, Scott. I also use oils, but often in combination with acrylics. Is the figure resin or white metal? If the later I’d guess Andrea as manufacturer. Anyway, nice job.

  4. Very nice, as already mentioned, the shading is very good.

  5. Great job, it takes skill to make this figure come to life.

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