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WIP Tiger Moth rigging tensioning

August 7, 2015 in How-to

Here’s a couple more WIP photos on “Ye Old Rigging Method”. The model is set up on a foam board supported with tooth pics. A masking tape skin helps keep the tooth pics from drifting. The pre-colored fishing line is passed thru # 80 holes which were drilled prior to assembly. One end is attached to a control horn with CA glue. This first attachment is carefully aligned as the glue sets up. After allowing 15 min.for the glue to completely cure, the other end is weighted with small hardware clamps and aligned with the opposite horn. Glue is then applied and allowed to cure. The weights are removed, and the ends of the lines are trimmed. .

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5 responses to WIP Tiger Moth rigging tensioning

  1. Unusual and complicated technique there are easier and more useful.


  2. Amazing how creative we modelers can be! Thanks for the detail – always helps to see how others tackle modeling challenges.

  3. Greg is right, its always a good thing, when modellers share their methods.

  4. I love this site because of all the great examples! Thanks for explaining your technique. Ya learn sumthin’ new every day!

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