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1:35 Dragon HETZER spring 1945

September 19, 2015 in Armor

Another one from the archive of old pictures and articles.
Build from the box paint xtracolor .


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8 responses to 1:35 Dragon HETZER spring 1945

  1. Convincing finishes. Are the figures included? They look a good quality.

  2. Great finish on this one. Good weathering. Like this one very much!!! Well done P.k.

  3. I agree with all previous assessments, P.k. – nice work indeed.

  4. Nice ambush scheme, looks real. Whose figures?

  5. Really nice looking model there PK. I wish I was that good at figure painting.
    Great modeling!
    California Steve

  6. Nice Heter with a convincing looking ambush scheme !

  7. Looks good! I don’t know much about armor, but I like the camo scheme, and great job on painting the figures – they are always challenging to get realistic.

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