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1/72 Revell EC145 Rega

September 5, 2015 in Aviation

Look what just landed in the back yard !! (snicker snicker) I like building helicopters. I made new parts for both sets of rotor blades from brass rod, tubing and E string. This allowed free spinning for the photos and to prevent breakage in case that frail tail rotor got bumped. I added a few more antennas and lights for detail.
This was a horrible kit. I thought skill level 4 might / should mean better quality, not just an extra 50 or so badly fitting parts to deal with. The decals, although plentiful, caused additional problems. I polished and coated all the clear parts to help with the in scale appearance. Give it a squint and tell me what you think.

10 additional images. Click to enlarge

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18 responses to 1/72 Revell EC145 Rega

  1. Hey, helicopters aren’t allowed on this web site!!!(Only kidding) Flying eggbeaters are not a popular model subject, just go to a model contest and check out how many whirly birds are entered (that’s how I win my first place trophies, no competition). You did a nice job with the kit, very colorful, all that glass is difficult to keep clean during assembly. Do you coat the “glass” with Future floor wax?

    • The clear parts were coated with Tamiya clear acrylic on both sides, and you still can barely see any internal detail–go figure. Glad you liked it. And it doesn’t actually fly. although it almost got launched a couple of times.

  2. Well….for a “horrible” kit, it seems to have turned out satisfactorily from where I sit. Glad the ‘launches’ were aborted. 🙂

  3. Great results from an “old dog!” Especially nice that it is a very colorful finish.

    • Thanks Greg. The real thing is a beautiful machine. This kit ?? @*%x#!!.
      I just discovered why there’s a notch in the hoist bar. It’s for a downward facing light. Not finished yet !!!

  4. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    I am just sitting here in awe. I was watching the pictures for your post. I then started reading the comments made by the fellow members and my jaw drooped as I read Craig’s opening statements. He managed to get into my head or got the words off my mouth. Needless to say, I am in 100% in par with him. Very nice work.

  5. Very nice Phil!
    If not for the really close up shots, I was thinking this was 1/32 or 1/48.
    Looks great! I have a number of helos in the stash- might get one going this coming summer if I can clear more of my almost done kits like the F-117 and A-7E….
    Mine are all 1/48 though.

  6. Helicopters are always a welcome site for me, they make such a change, and I love the way you’ve managed to photograph witht the rotor blades in motion. Great work, especially in 1/72.

  7. A colorful and well build helicopter. Good job and nice photos!

  8. Interesting Phil, very colorful, please explain the spinning rotors ! I have built a few Revell hellis, also have this one to build.

    • Both sets of rotors were modified with replacement center shafts, bushings and thrust washers, made from brass rod and tubing. Very tedious to produce without machinist skills.(my base trade) I’ve done this on a good portion of my models, mostly to compensate for the poorly fitting kit parts. This is the only chopper that I photographed this way, and it was quite a set up. Two compressed air nozzles were used and it was fun to get the proper air flow without blowing the model off the platform. I also photographed a J2F Duck with the prop spinning. I want to redo that model again with a better base. Thanks Allan !!

  9. Wow! Another fine ‘chopper! Plus, we find out that among your other talents, you can do machiner (Ha – machinist) work!

    Great job, Phil!

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