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Aerotech 1/32 Supermarine S4

September 1, 2015 in Aviation

Here is my Aerotech Supermarine S4, all limited run Resin kit with White metal and photo etched accessories. It has been finished using Mr Surfacer white 1000 and Alclad.

6 additional images. Click to enlarge

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24 responses to Aerotech 1/32 Supermarine S4

  1. Uh…….you wanna try that one more time, Eric.? I got no pics. 🙁

  2. Gorgeous. Stunning. Superlative work. You’ve really captured that sleek, predatory aesthetic that Supermarine seemed to have for some of its planes.

  3. This is breathtakingly beautiful!!! Well done!!!

  4. I honestly think that these Schneider Trophy aeroplanes were one of the most beautiful aircraft ever built, and I would love to see more of them come in kit form (not only the Supermarines but the Glosters, the Macchis etc).

    Yours is the prime example of what a great models these would make. Apparently the S.4 was a real dog to fly (up to the point of breaking up on trials), but boy she was a looker.

  5. Superb model, awesome skills! Love the weathering, polishing and photography as well!

  6. Just beautiful, Eric, the metallic finish is wonderful.

  7. A real beauty Eric. How difficult was the build?

    • Hi Jack, the build needs a reasonable amount of care to ensure alignment of the major parts as the resin castings are a bit rough. The surface of each part also needs a lot of smoothing due to the texture that is apparent on each piece.

      It was also my first try at doing a gloss white finish which does require a bit of lateral thinking to get right.

      Having said that, it was an enjoyable build that makes a great addition to the display cabinet.

  8. Eric, Really nice, I’ve seen a few of these built over the years, but never one this nice. Everything about this looks nice. Well done.

  9. Wow! Wow again! It is exactly what I like! Great build!

  10. Beautiful job! I love the instrument details, and the treatment of the metal areas, particularly the spinner. That is the most realistically polished spinner i believe I have ever seen! Just stunning result – congratulations!

  11. Some strong work of a Supermarine classic. The paint job brings out the best in the resin. Definitely a candidate for model of the month.

  12. Great model and supe3rb craftsmanship. I know those Aerotech kits are nowhere close to “easy,” which makes the achievement even more impressive.

  13. Hi,

    Superb, wonderful realisation. Congratulation for your work.


  14. Really sharp looking build !!

  15. It’s all been said Eric. I can only endorse every comment! She’s just beautiful!

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