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Eduard Focke Wulf Fw 190 A-8/R2 in 1/48 scale

September 20, 2015 in Aviation

Hello, here comes my newest finished build. Its Eduards excellent Fw 90 kit as a Profi Pack release of the Sturmjäger version.
Build out of the box, the only additions came from a Master gun barrel and pitot set for the R2 version. The difference were the missing cowl guns and the Mk 108 30mm guns in the outer wing stations. And some armor on the fuselage sides.
Its the first of four Eduard 190, all will be build in a “closed” condition, the kit itself is a bit more complex than Tamiya or Hasegawa but especially as a ProfiPack, well detailed with great decals.
The chosen scheme is for the Staffelkapitäns aircraft of the 8./JG 300, flown by Karl Spenst. In fall 1944.
Hope you like it

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26 responses to Eduard Focke Wulf Fw 190 A-8/R2 in 1/48 scale

  1. Congratulations on getting those wingroot ammo hatches closed. Everytime I look at that, I pause.
    It is a great kit, and you’ve done her justice.

    • Thank you very much, Bernard. This little surgery is relative easy. If you have done the cut, make some dry fitting and sand the inner structure a bit down. This help the fitting between the hatch and the gun bay interior. The rest will be solved with some Mr Surfacer or something like that. This kit was started before my F6F and comparing the surfaces, Eduard made a really good job on both but the 190 is better/finer.
      There will be also an A-8, A-6 and another A-8 coming from my bench at some time, may the last A-8 a Weekend Edition will become an A-7. Projects 🙂

  2. Ausgezeichnet mein Freund. Sehr gut!!! Excellent rendition of Kurt Tanks butcher bird!!! Well done Bernd.

    • Thanks for the warm words, Morne. This project has started at the beginning of December 2014, a typical long running build for me.
      Kurt Tank designed a really classical fighter with a lot of potential.
      Maybe after the radial engined versions some inline 190s

  3. Nicely finished, Bernd….I like it a lot.

  4. Very nice 190. Great result OOB.

  5. Great work Bernd, a really sharp build well done. This is the first 190 i’ve seen with the mgs over the engine blanked off.

  6. Nice clean build Bernd!
    I just saw one of those being restored at the Gatow Air Museum in Berlin.

    • Hello Ulf, thank you very much for the kind comment, there is another restored Fw 190 in the collection of the Luftfahrtmuseum in Hannover, Laatzen. Impressive aircraft !
      The museums in Berlin are still on my to do list. My two visits in Berlin were a bit chaotic, small town guys like me can get lost in big cities 🙂

  7. Great looking 190! I might make the suggestion to photograph against a lighter or white background so we can see more of the detail.

  8. Nice Bernd !, I’ve seen a few of these at the shows, and they all seem to have some issue with those doors on the wings. Your fix looks great and is one of the few that looks right. Everything else also looks wonderful. Well done.

    • Thank you very much, Terry. My first Eduard 190 was build shortly after the kit came out, the result looked way different than this one.
      So its a learning curve.
      The Eduard 190 kits, especially the Profi Packs are my prefered kits, for this aircraft type. The great surfaces and overall details make them look great, these kits have some issues but which kits didn t have problems

  9. Very sharp, Bernd. Great paint work.

  10. Great Bucher Bird 🙂 The paint jod You have done on it is excellent! Which brand do You use for airbrushing? I have no too much luck with these new acrylics (Revell, Testors, Humbrol even Vallejo somehow a bitt fiddly for me) only the good old Gunze Aqeous that I can use properly (and all the enamels naturally and fortunately 🙂 ). I see people using these new water based product with ease and I always thinking that I make wrong something with them :).

  11. Great looking FW 190, Bernd, maybe the pictures are a little dark, but it makes the plane look a little more menacing.

  12. Your Focke Wulf is among the very best I’ve ever seen. Just a superb job in every respect. Your insturment panel painting and detailing is especially well done!

    • Thanks for the warm words, Drew. Eduards Profi Pack kits have almost everything in, you need for a well detailed build, incl these colored PE parts. And quite easy to apply !
      Eduard is turning out limited edition kits from other brands, some from Hasegawa, has you seen the A-4 Skyhawk release ?

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