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French metal-Tamiya Somua S-35

September 27, 2015 in Armor

The new kit from Tamiya, as usual a beauty. Built out of the box, including the figure.(Which I did no justice to). Perfect fit and snap together track links make this an easy one. The most work went into masking the color scheme, representing the 13e Dragoons, heavily involved in the May 1940 fighting.

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6 responses to French metal-Tamiya Somua S-35

  1. You make it sound very simple, Bill, but you’ve got a very attractive piece of armour there, nice work on that turret!

  2. I can only echo George’s sentiments, sir…..looks good.

  3. Nice work (as usual). Excellent result.

  4. Fun looking piece of armor – nice work!

  5. Nice build and paint for this french tank !
    great !

  6. A really nice one and a not too often seen tank. Well done !

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