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to exhaustion….

September 16, 2015 in Aviation

Missed Battle of Britain Day by one, but I dredged up this OLD build, and attempt to create a scene. Hasegawa 1/48 Hurricane, 303 (Polish) squadron decals. Wow 75 years, salute to all who persevered through it, military and civilian.

3 additional images. Click to enlarge

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12 responses to to exhaustion….

  1. Unique figure-bashing, Bill….I like it!

  2. Nice one Bill, a fine tribute to the few that are left.

  3. Excellent, Bill great Hurricane/dio.

  4. Hurricane !!!

    Like nice build and paint.


  5. Nice Hurri! She still looks nice after 75 years…

  6. Very nice! Gotta love those corrugated side-panels on a Hurricane! Cool model of an iconic war bird!

  7. Very good, Bill, your pictures have a nice atmosphere.

  8. Thank you guys, appreciate the praise. September 27 coming up, 75 years since the last big daylight raid (Walhalla). 303 claimed 10 destroyed, for 2 pilots killed. The costs were always high.

  9. Great rendition of a battle weary pilot and plane nice job

  10. Timely post and subject. Well done!
    Did you modify the figure from something available, or did it come like that?
    I remember reading someplace that one of the pilots said that at one point, he would wake himself up, yelling in his interrupted sleep. There’s that picture of Brian Lane, and his eyes have circles around them that are real noticeable. Looks “beat”, as we used to say.
    Combat takes a toll.

    • Thanks Bernard. The fig was a modified ICM, based on a BOB photo, those guys would snatch some sleep wherever possible. 1/35’s are fairly easy to cut reglue and fill. The trick is getting them painted, it’s a lot harder than aircraft.

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