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Battle of Britain BF 109E

October 2, 2015 in Aviation

1/48 Airfix kit which was built OOB with aftermarket decals. The aircraft depicted is from JG 26 based at Caifiers France August 1940. Flown by Staffelkapitain Gerhard Schophel, who claimed a number of victories during BoB including 4 in one day on 18th August when he dispatched 4 Hurricanes of 501 Squadron in as many minutes. The model is completely brush painted.

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22 responses to Battle of Britain BF 109E

  1. Nice brush work, Gregor!

  2. It is difficult to find any faults with these latest Airfix kits. Airfix has reinvented them selves with these new kits. You did an amazing job on this one. Well done!!!

  3. Fine work with the hairy sticks Gregor.
    And as Morne said Airfix have definitley upped the anti with their latest releases.

  4. Gregor, great brushwork, good looking BoB ME!

  5. Brush Painted..??!! You, sir, are an artist. Very nice results.

  6. Brush painted? Wow! Very nice!

  7. Very nicely done, and from a fellow brush-painter, I can appreciate the results you achieved on the finish!

    I think the E is my favorite 109 – not sure why, but it just represents to me the “classic” 109.

  8. Nice looking 109,Gregor. I have to admit, I wouldn’t even think of doing that paint scheme by brush. Well done.

  9. Brush painted !!… Just superb, Gregor.


  10. Cracking Emil, Gregor ! And its brush painted ! Excellent work, Congrats 🙂

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