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1/32 Trumpeter AV-8B II Plus

November 12, 2015 in Aviation

I finished this one in September of this year and it wasn’t without its challenges. Lots of ill-fitting parts and inaccuracies- some that were fixable, some not. I used an Aires cockpit and wheel wells. The cockpit did not fit very well and required much work to get the fuselage halves to mate properly. I modified the landing gear and fully articulated them so the are full extended at hover and compress when “landed”. I made the deck from styrene sheet and brass tie-downs. the non-skid surface was made by using an artist gel medium and a stiff brush. I custom mixed all the Polyscale paints. I was disappointed that it won 2nd place in the 1/32 scale jet category this year in McMinnville, but that’s the way it goes. You win some and you lose some.

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9 responses to 1/32 Trumpeter AV-8B II Plus

  1. Another beautifully detailed/weathered build…why the pole – didn’t it sit on the gear correctly?

  2. Did you mean the cockpit did NOT fit very well? Anyway, these are always striking looking models. We see quite a few of these at shows, so they’re clearly a popular subject.

    Yours has some interesting touches.

  3. Again, great idea with the base, realy like the way it depicts it hovering. And very nice build in all other respects!

  4. This is my favorite of your builds thus far – in terms of the weathering especially. Just excellent eye for detail and whatever techniques and materials you are using, you are achieving excellent results! Keep posting (and adding more detailed pics so I’ve got good reference material!).

    • Thanks, Greg. I experimented with the fuel spills on the tanks and came up with the idea that art should imitate nature so I used some Abteilung “Engine Grease” oil paint, diluted it with spirits and dapped a little on the appropriate areas, then took my air compressor nozzle and blew some air in the direction of the airflow. Worked pretty well.

  5. That really is modelling on a different level!
    The harrier is my favourite aircraft of all time, that’s an amazing portrayal of one! I’ve read that this kit is really hard work. I wan’t to build the Trumpeter GR-7 but I need to get through some of my stash first just to fit it in the cupboard.
    Just out of interest, what won 1st?

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