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General Aircraft Hotspur series.

November 13, 2015 in Aviation

Hi to all,

Again, a new series is finished. My father has completed the lastes Hotspurs. We would like to thanks as I mentioned before specially to Jed and Alaistar for his help on this project.

Please find below the list of all the models included in this series

1) General Aircraft Hotspur MkII BT479 Royal Aircraft Establishment – July 1942
2) General Aircraft Hotspur Mk II BT771 AFEE Jun 1942
3) General Aircraft Hotspur Mk I BV136
4) General Aircraft Hotspur Mk II BV 199
5) General Aircraft Hotspur Mk II Empire Flying School 1946
6) General Aircraft GAL 48B Hotspur II B Twin MP486/G
7) General Aircraft Hotspur MkII BT615 – No.2 Glider Training School – RAF Weston – June 1942
8) General Aircraft Hotspur MkII BT823 – No.3 Glider Training School – RAF Wellesbourne Mountford circa – late 1946
9) General AircraftHotspur MkII BT572 – No.1 Glider Training School – RAF Croughton. – Sept. 1942
10) General Aircraft Hotspur MkII BT671 – Glider Pilot Exercise Unit – RAF Netheravon. – Nov. 1942
11) General Aircraft Hotspur MkII BT889 – No.5 Glider Training School, August 1945
12) General Aircraft Hotspur MkII HH255 – No.4 Glider Training School – RAF Kidlington Oct. 1942
13) General Aircraft Hotspur MkII HH522 – No.3 Glider Training School – RAF Stoke Orchard – late 1943
14) General Aircraft Hotspur MkII HH120 – No.3 Glider Training School – June 1945
15) General AircraftHotspur MkII BT610 – No.4 Glider Training School – RAF Kidlington- Sept. 1942
16) General Aircraft Hotspur MkII BT480 – Central Landing Establishment – May 1941

Here are the final photos of all the Hotspur together

I hope you like them.

We are close to finish all the British Gliders of our collection. My father is working on a new Horsa (13) with SEAC markings.


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6 responses to General Aircraft Hotspur series.

  1. Spectacular craftsmanship and photography as always.

  2. Such dedication to a project! I know I couldn’t stay that focussed, well done!

  3. Interesting series – thanks for sharing. They seem nicely finished from what I can tell – a few close up photos of some representative aircraft would be nice…

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