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Posting images at iModeler – now also with style!

November 2, 2015 in News

The straightforward image uploading function that came to be the hallmark of iModeler has just got better!

Last weekend brought the update of the iModeler system to version 1.03. In this update the image uploader, arguably the centerpiece of the iModeler authoring experience, has undergone a major redesign.

The new module builds upon the simplicity of the original, adding several improvements:

  • More compact layout – for better overview when uploading many pictures. The lightbox may now easily hold up to 50 pictures at once – and we think it’s great!
  • Better overview of the upload process. Please note that you can hit the “save” button without waiting for the images to finish, any remaining uploads will be done for you!
  • Smooth operation on smartphones and other mobile devices. This feature is crucial if posting directly from your mobile device.
  • Portrait-orientation images originating from smartphones and some camera models will now rotate correctly.
  • All uploaded files will be assigned unique URLs by the system, thereby avoiding any filename conflicts.
  • Problem with broken uploads, or files not coming through, should finally be resolved in this version.

All these improvements apply to posting new articles and to posting in the groups.

I’m proud by these fixes and hope that the new functionality will prove as robust as it sounds. There is only one way to try it – go ahead and post something new today!

And by all means, register now and try it if you haven’t already.

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12 responses to Posting images at iModeler – now also with style!

  1. Well well well. More great features. Thanks for all the hard work, Martin. We appreciate it!

  2. Brilliant, Martin, many, many thanks!

  3. I’ll be trying out the new system soon, Martin….and thanks again for a truly enjoyable modeling experience.

  4. Can’t wait to try it out Martin. iModeler is one of my favorite modeling sites. Has lots of information, friendly fellow modelers, and a user friendly system for posting photos. Keep up the good work..

  5. Thanks Martin. This is an awesome site that beats the competition hands down. The best just got better!!!

  6. They`re always one step ahead ! Thank you Martin, for making imodler easier,

  7. This screams for a try out, thank you Martin !

  8. Nice to see that iModeler is improving!

  9. Thank You Martin! iModeler became my fav site in modeling – no surprise 🙂

  10. more encouragement for me to finish my project so I can try this out – thanks!

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