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1/32 Tamiya P-51

December 25, 2015 in Aviation

Just finished before Christmas. Used Barracuda cockpit placards and wheels. Blue paint is a mixture of MM acrylics. Metal finish is Alclads.

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14 responses to 1/32 Tamiya P-51

  1. Nice build Doug……just the way I would do it if I had the room.

  2. A great looking rendition of arguably the best fighter of World War II. Your natural metal finish looks awesome!!! Well done!!!

  3. A real looker, exceptionally well weathered and war worn.

  4. I can only concur with the others…..stunning work, sir – right down to the ding in the drop tank.

  5. Great looking nice build and paint .

  6. Love those Bluenosers! My father, Lt. Alden Rigby, flew Col. Meyer’s wing many times. You were right to scuff it up a bit. Even thought Col. Meyer’s A/C was probably the best maintained in the group, constant combat took it’s toll. My father’s A/C, 415629, HO-R, Eleen and Jerry, was delivered new on Dec. 7, 1944, and by the end of the month was well weathered. Dad destroyed 2 190’s and 2 109’s in the fight over his field, Y-29, on New Year’s Day, 1945. He had earlier downed a 109 on Nov. 21, ’44, and destroyed a Ju-52 on the ground on Sept. 10, ’44.
    Most who model the 352nd FG miss the overspray on the propeller, which was not masked when the blue was sprayed on. You got it exactly right. Great job!

  7. Great looking Mustang – love the weathering especially.

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