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1/32 Scale SAAF Hawker Hartebees

December 21, 2015 in Aviation

Its been a while since I last posted one of my builds on the site, work and everyday life has been preventing me getting much build time, however, I managed to complete the Silver Wings Hawker Demon, and converted it into a 40 Squadron Hartebees of the South African Airforce. This is a machine that fought in East Africa against the Italians, from Kenya to Somalia from early 1940.
What a great kit from Silver Wings, I loved the build.

I Scratch built the Lewis Machine gun, and did all the turnbuckles from brass tube.
This is the first time I have done serious rigging on a Bi plane. I loved it.

I Hope you enjoy the pictures.


11 additional images. Click to enlarge

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22 responses to 1/32 Scale SAAF Hawker Hartebees

  1. Not my forte, but very nice nonetheless.

  2. Thanks Craig, It was good to make a change from the norm.

  3. Nicely built, and subtle weathering makes for a fine finish Marc.
    Well done sir.

  4. Marc, she’s a beauty! Another of the contenders for last of the fighting biplanes. Wish we could get some of others of the Hart family in 1/48th.

  5. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Very nice work on this one Marc, if one really sees beyond the aircraft, one can see the lines of the Hawker Hurricane, mostly in it’s beginnings.
    Nice work.

  6. Hi Bernard, thank you for your kind comment, if you are into Bi planes then you have to try the Silver Wings kits, they have great post WW2 kits. I really enjoyed building this kit.

  7. WOW that’s a bee-ooty. Love the interwar Hawkers, and very interested in the SAAF’s use of them in East Africa. Gotta get a Fury done sometime. You did a great job on this, Silver Wings make a nice kit too, though I worry about the heavy resin wings sagging over time.

  8. Thanks a Mil Bill, I love the Hartebees, it has a history in the SAAF, Have a look at the SAAF Heritage Site or they have some very cool pictures. Thanks for the great comment.

  9. Marc sy lyk fatasties!!! You did an amzing job on this one!!! Well done on keeping the interest alive in SAAF subjects!!!

  10. Hi Morne, Baie Dankie my ou maater. Yes, we dont see many SAAF Aircraft models built outside of South Africa, quite a shame, we have such a wonderful aviation history.
    Thanks for the comment.

    • I am currently working on 10 different projects including a legendary SAAF Impala Mk II. Can’t wait to showcase it and the incredible story behind the aircraft!! Lekker Kersfees hou en voorspoedige 2016!!

  11. Cant wait to see that Impala, Tappie and myself are looking at scratch building a Alouette in 24th scale. Have a wonderful Christmas and new year, may 2016 be full of Plastic and resin, not to forget metal etch.

  12. Cheers my friend. Best wishes to you and Tappie!!! The problem with too many projects and commissioned builds is that you seldom finish your own models. 🙂

  13. Very true, Cheers my maater.

  14. Nice to see such an unusual object being modelled.

  15. Thanks for the comment Stellan.

  16. Thanks a Mil for the comment Greg.

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