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’68 Firebird

December 3, 2015 in Automotive

Started just three weeks ago, and here it is DONE !!

Not bragging at all, at the outset this was a “Clear the bench” build. All ongoing projects were sent to the ‘pending’ pile, I ordered some fresh Micro-Mesh pads & clothe and I set-to.

Part of the reason for the speed of this project is my enthusiasm for the project – I really like Firebirds, the other reason is the quality of the kit, in my opinion Revell produced such a superb quality product it’s actually quite difficult for an average modeller like me to scr*w-it-up.

Along the way I did learn some things: I asked on another couple of sites about varnishing over the already very smooth & glossy finish that I managed to achieve, I took the advice from many of the replies and applied those extra clear coats and it worked-out… so, learning point #1, be brave and with the correct tools and a little luck the finish you want, you can achieve !! Learning point #2, I need to re-learn my BMF ‘skills’ next time around

So that’s it for this one, as ever thanks for taking the time to look and/or comment please feel free to ask any questions or make any criticism.



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11 responses to ’68 Firebird

  1. Nicely finished and photographed, Ian…..good job.

  2. Nice work – gotta love a Firebird – especially an old one!

  3. Great finish; like Camaros and Firebirds!


    I wish I could get my auto finishes this shiny!!
    I had a ’67 Firebird that was red on white…this brings me back.
    Great job!!

  5. oh yea, great rendering of a great car – thanks for sharing –

  6. ahhh, memory’s. A good friend of mine in HS had one of these. We had a lot fun with it. Yes, they were fast. Nice build Ian. Great looking finish.

  7. Cool car, Ian,and a very nice finish.

  8. Sweet, very sweet indeed. Nice job.

  9. It definitely is a grand looking Pontiac, Ian. super jib.

  10. Thanks everyone really appreciate the comments, have to emphasise that this is a superbly engineered kit one of Revell’s very best in my opinion and if you’re ever thinking of doing a car-model as your next project, then you won’t go far-wrong with this.

    Next – finish a NASCAR refurb, and a Super Stock ’68 Dart, then… the F-8 Crusader !!


  11. 1st generation Firebird, 400 V8, 4 spd M22 “Rock Crusher” manual transmission, fond memories. Thanks for sharing a great build a great car of my youth.


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