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Airfix 172 Lightnings

December 1, 2015 in Aviation

Carrying on my Airfix love affair, I eagerly waited the new Lightning when it was released. I have built several of the 1/48 scale ones and they were/are superb models and a delight to build.

I asked Santa for an F-2A when it was first released, but whilst in WH Smiths one day saw a box being opened and within it the new mould, new release Lightning. Unable to help myself, it was wallet out, Debit Card in hand.

So worth it as I could not decide which scheme I preferred, so by having two kits, problem solved and did one of each.

Once the F6 was released, I had to get, even with that initial flawed box art of the tail plane less super interceptor.

Good kits, worth getting as good to model, but the Airfix 1/48 Lightning still king of the castle.

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9 responses to Airfix 172 Lightnings

  1. Very nice-lookin’ collection, Mark….excellent build(s). Never could get used to seeing the external fuel tanks on TOP of the wings, though. 🙂

  2. Mark, thanks! I was wondering what the new ones looked like, and now I’m sold! I still have the OLD Airfix F1!
    So, 19(?) Sqdn F2 in the green scheme, F6 in the Barley Gray, and F3 mit the blue fin? I really like what you did with the F3.
    Think we’ll see a two seater?

    • 19 Squadron in green and a silver blue adorned mount from 92 Squadron.

      Sword do a two seater and maybe Airfix will one day, but will have to be a new moulding and not just an extra sprue.

  3. Good looking strike of Lightening`s there Mark.

  4. Very nice, neat builds. I like the variety of the collection also. You do excellent work!

  5. many thanks for appreciative comments of what was a very striking aircraft.

  6. Just goes to show that lightning can strike more once. Excellent work, and three cheers for Airfix.

  7. . Excellent work i like this coletion !

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