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Hannover CL.II with Ordnance Team

December 31, 2015 in Aviation

The Hannover CL.II (from a Bavarian squadron in 1918) is from Wingnut Wings in 1:32 scale. Paired with it is the German Ordnance Team from Copper State Models.

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8 responses to Hannover CL.II with Ordnance Team

  1. Beautiful build, sir…..that stepladder in itself is a work of art (as is the prop).

  2. Beautiful machine, well done! Like the different materials and textures in the wings and fuselage; looks like if you tap your finger there will be different sounds.

  3. Great build sir, fine diorama there.
    Well detailed and thought out.

  4. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Very nice work on that Hannover as well on that diorama, it is a pleasure to see. It seems you had a very good time on this project, that’s what modeling is about. Nice work.

  5. Thanks for the kind comments guys. Just added four more photos for a fuller walk-around.

  6. That’s a great looking model, thanks for sharing.

  7. That’s really sharp! Great work. I’ve got one in the stash and may build it this year.

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