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RAAF CAC CA-1 Wirraway cockpit

December 29, 2015 in Aviation

Time for another cockpit, wouldn´t you say? This time we´re taking a look inside the oldest remaining Wirraway in the world, A20-10, eighth off the production line. Was given just a qick sit into it so I don´t have too many photos. But as you can see there is not much to be seen, really. Mostly welded tubes and fabric. Sitting in an airplane with such a history makes one very humble. More info on the museum´s Wirraway can be found here Hmm, looking at the photos I would think I only took shots of the rear cockpit, guess I was too busy talking to the guide and looking while actually seated in the front office.

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5 responses to RAAF CAC CA-1 Wirraway cockpit

  1. Looks like a T-6 cockpit (which looks like a BC-1 cockpit, etc. etc.) with fabric sides.

    Thanks for doing it.

  2. Craig, doing my best to please. Thanks!

    Tom, yes ideed. Same family 🙂

    Bonus info: while recreating a Sk 14 (NA-16 4M) for the Swedish Air force museum, parts from a Wirraway and a Yale were used (plus a number of original and hand made parts).

  3. Love that utilitarian cockpit~!
    Meant to ask, is there a Wackett in the collection? I see he designed this.
    I also didn’t know this was used so long! Old soldier!
    Thanks for posting this, I’ve got a Boomerang, and now I see the need for a Wirraway to go with it. They also serve! Sometimes at the sharp end.

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