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1:72 Airfix Mig 15

January 1, 2016 in Aviation

One of my first forays into 1:72, Airfix’s Mig 15 finished as an example from Cuba

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7 responses to 1:72 Airfix Mig 15

  1. Another little gem, Michelle…nicely finished and photographed. I like it.

  2. There’s an example of this jet sitting outdoors at a small museum here in Norfolk, about 15 miles from where I live (along with a Meteor, a Javelin, and a few others). It looks like it’s just been pulled over on to the grass and left there. It’s remarkably small, but probably in keeping with the late-war Luftwaffe pedigree from which it was developed – simple, effective, and fast, but not aircraft that would readily come down from height to engage.

    Thus is a nice representation of the type.

  3. Thanks guys.

    Rob I know the museum, I have visited a few times, it about an our and 45 mins from here, great friendly museum.

  4. Nice looking finish on this. What did you use for the rigging – it looks like a good scale for 1/72?

  5. Thanks I think this one I used EZ Line

  6. Very nice work! Yes, a little jewel!

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