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All the other kids are doing it…my 2015’s

January 9, 2016 in Uncategorized

Not many, just not as much energy last year. But I seem to have had a resurgence at year’s close, so….Several cool new kits were released toward the second half of 2015 which helped…I would call Tamiya’s Somua “kit of the year”…at the end is a WIP shot of an actual airplane, that is almost finished, after years of “gotta get to that one”… Thanks for looking

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10 responses to All the other kids are doing it…my 2015’s

  1. I still like that [armored car?] one with the splinter camo scheme. 🙂

  2. The Funkmaster rules! I love the weathering you do on your models. they look like they live in the real world and do the jobs they were designed for.

  3. a fine collection of “Heavy Metal”

  4. Nice collection of unusual armor and soft skin vehicles. Love it, not the normal Shermans, Panzers and half tracks. Thanks for sharing some amazing work. Looking forward to see what you have instore for us this year.

  5. Great looking models Bill. I also like your weathering. A very unique and interesting line up. I have been thinking about building many of these. Thanks for posting.
    California Steve

  6. Great work, Bill, looking forward to seeing more in 2016.

  7. Nice collection Bill, look forward to seeing more this year.

  8. All are most excellent, but my favorite is the blue-ish armored car with the Royal Navy ensign. You’ve built up the wire wheels magnificently and applied a gorgeous finish as usual. Waiting with bated breath for the debut of the Chinese Hawk….. I predict it will be REALLY great!

  9. Thanks all for the praise. Keep on buildin’ on!

  10. Looks great – and love your selection of unusual subjects. Well done, and look forward to 2016’s efforts.

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