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Count the maple leafs contest

January 17, 2016 in Aviation

Sixteen builds that I didn’t do articles on for one reason or another. If you’re real good, guess the scales.

15 additional images. Click to enlarge

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26 responses to Count the maple leafs contest

  1. My favourites are the F 101 Voodoo Lynx squadron, CF 104 Starfighter and the CF 105 Arrow. The latter is in my opinion the best interceptor the West never had during the Cold War. All the featured models are great!!! Well done!!!

  2. Great job on all! I love Canadian Starfighters.

  3. All very nice work, Phil….especially the headline photo (and I count 32 Maple leafs from what the pics show….did I win?). lol

  4. A fine collection there Phil.
    Thank you for posting .

  5. Phil, I’m guessing 1/72, at least for the Caribou, Aurora, Stoof, Neptune and the CH46(?), and the 707 and the C-130, plus the H-19 and 34.
    The rest could be 48th. Not up on my Canadian designations as I should be.

  6. You’ve been busy, Phil, but I can’t see any reason for not posting any of these. I’ve got an excuse – I often can’t even access iModeler, and, when I can, I can’t post anything! Grr, it’s called the Great Chinese Firewall!

  7. A real nice collection, Phil. I enjoyed it.

  8. Beautiful collection – and agree with those above that encourage you to post them individually so we can see more of each!

    I wouldn’t have gotten the scales, but I’m pretty certain I detect a certain nationalistic theme going on here…

  9. There all great models Phil ! I’m guessing you are from Canada?
    The Hercules is my favourite, great colours.

    • Thanks Richard !! And yes, I am a Canadian. Canada’s Hercs were repainted in 1982. Aircraft # 130330 was the original (and only CC 130 H) to receive this 3 tone grey wraparound scheme. The model was airbrushed free hand. The paint on the actual aircraft had a harder demarcation between the colors. It was destroyed along with 130331 in 1985 after a mid air collision, so it’s a commemorative build as well. The decals are an after market set from the old Canadian produced Trident Products line.

  10. A lovely collection Phil, and as they have said to me, more pic’s.

  11. Quite a collection, Phil! I realise I’m a latecomer here, but you DO need to post more of these individually. I’ve seen the F-101 write-up so keep up the good work! The CH-47 is stunningly beautiful!

  12. I lose. I only found 37 Maple Leaves! LoL! A beautiful collection of aircraft from our (us in the US) nearest friends & allies.
    This “collection” is so nice I had to comment twice!

    By the way, what kind of music do you play? I’m guessing from the picture you posted and your reference to Marshall amps, you do mostly hard rock. Am I close? No matter … keep rockin’! And posting your model work, too!

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