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January 1, 2016 in Aviation


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15 responses to HAPPY NEW YEAR Mates !!!

  1. Be still my heart! For a minute there (before I spotted the glass shelves), I thought these were a bunch of nice models thrown INTO a “box”. Whew..!!

  2. Phil, thanks for posting this, particularly at this time of year. Several old friends there, and pleasant memories of paint and glue.
    Great stuff! Fine collection!
    A float Twotter! Egad!
    I’d love to see some of them with a little room between them, if you have a chance.

    • Thanks Bernard. 260 models in 5 scales, and probably 100 lbs. of glass. Made it myself !! I added a full view shot. And I do want to re-photo a few: maybe next summer. The Twin Otter is an old Matchbox kit I did about 20 years ago. I want to do it over again with the (I’m assuming) re-boxed Revell kit if I can get a deal on one.

  3. Wonderful way to show off a box. Like Craig my first impression was the same as his, glad to see they’re properly displayed.

  4. Great header picture, mate, sure lools like a scrap heap at first glance, glad it isn’t.

  5. That’s a lot of airfoils in a small space! Represents a lot of hours of joy I suspect.

  6. Beautiful collection, Phil. Happy modelling and all the Best in 2016 for you !

  7. Out-freaking-standing! Sadly, I DO have a box in storage with a bunch of models (my old life’s efforts) just piled together. They were carefully piled, but I had to get them to storage in a hurry & had no better way to do it. It was an Army related move.

    I’ll also compliment you on your homebuilt display cabinet. Model builder, woodworker, singer, guitar player … you’re a man of many talents; and very diversified talents, too!

    Great job & thanks for sharing.

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