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Minicraft 1/72 scale Railway Gun “Leopold” or “Anzio Annie”.

January 10, 2016 in Armor

Swap meet discovery and built OOB. Finished with MM Enamel Panzer Grey ’39-’43. Weathered with AK Interactive washes and Tamiya Weathering system. A fun exercise in grey and rust. Very long, and awkward to display and transport.

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5 responses to Minicraft 1/72 scale Railway Gun “Leopold” or “Anzio Annie”.

  1. Very nicely detailed, sir….my only wish is that you’d have included a ‘common object’ in one of the photos in order that those of us unfamiliar with the kit would have an idea of the actual size. Again…stellar build.

  2. Great looking finishes, George. Can the barrel be removed for easier transport/storage? Even in 1/72 this is a big model.

  3. So far as I know, the original is still at Aberdeen, up the road from me. The rest of the museum went to Ft. Belvoir. Some of the tanks are still on display.
    I haven’t been up, lately. I’ll double check with some of my companions in plastic.
    It is a BIG piece. Impressive.

  4. Looks great George. Nicely weathered, a very realistic dusty finish.

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